Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kieran 2 Kindergarten 4

So school started last week. And of course, Kieran decided he didn't want to go. Needless to say, the last week has been very exhausting. First day, I stayed at the school for over an hour before I snuck out. Then 20 minutes later the assistan principal called & had Kie in his office crying. Picked him up, brought him him, everyone had a long talk with him about how fun school is, etc. Next day, he is not going to school. End up having a one on one meeting with the assistant principal & then is wonderful kindergarten teacher. That woman is a saint. I have spent the first hour of school with her everyday & I honestly don't know how she handles 20 kids at a time. I have a hard enough time with my 4. But she is just the cutest thing. Looks just like Reese Witherspoon, whom I love, so that made leaving him there easier. So today, FINALLY, he went to school & tells me, Mom, you don't have to stay with me today. I'll be ok with my friends.' And the clouds parted, the angels sang & all was right in my world. My little man is growing up. And while one part of me is happy, another part is sad because he is growing so darn fast. But lucky me, I have one more!!

So I have been the creative fool the last few weeks & I feel soooo good to finally be back in the swing of things. This lovely thing was a huge cork board we had at our old place. Jim, of course, was like, throw it away. But oh no momma, I looked at that & thought PROJECT! After staring at it sitting in my room for 4 months I pulled it out last weekend while we watched a movie, grabbed my bag of scrap paper (ok, not bag, BOX) & started adhering. Piece after piece & two hours later this was the result. Looks like a quilt but add some pics of my favorite people and..

I just love the heck out of it. Plus I was able to fit a bunch of pictures on it so that made it even better. THEN I finally got on the acrylic bandwagon & created some goodies. I'll post them at the end but I have to say, I am loving it.

So the kidlets are in school & finally life is calming down. Crossing my fingers this keeps up because I could so use a break from hectic! Have a great week!