Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who knew?

That the lighting in our local Jamba Juice was amazing? I have given up my daily Starbuck's and taken up the Jamba. Sooooo yummy. After school last week I was there with the boys with their super cool new sunglasses and took a glance down this little space between the window and the wall and the light was just beautiful. People in the place thought I was nuts but who doesn't already?
I have been really good about taking my camera everywhere with me now. It's great because I have caught some really good stuff. Everything has been so nice and green around here and the weather has been gorgeous. I am trying to take the kids to the park once a week and we even got Vinnie out there last week.

Look at this bunch of roughnecks. They had so much fun batting the ball around and they even talked me into hitting a few with them. It has been way too long and I was rusty but the kids got a kick out of seeing mom hit a baseball.

I have also begun to take pictures of inanimate objects. My dad bought us a crate of these beautiful strawberries and I couldn't resist. I am not a big fruit eater but I am trying to eat better with the marathon coming up. Jim on the other hand....

Eats stuff like this. I know you probably don't recognize it under all that butter and sugar. That's French toast under there. MY French toast. The French toast I make with French vanilla cream (fattening) that he adds about half a cube of butter to and then pours on about half a cup of sugar. That's right, HALF A CUP OF SUGAR. It's a miracle his teeth don't rot out of his head.

And then there's this. How freakin' cute is this? Gavin just adores his daddy and I got this cute shot of them last weekend while we were out. Love it. Things have been great and we are happier than we've been in a long time. We are much more relaxed and I can't believe how much better things are. I am truly blessed and having Jim by my side makes all the difference in the world. I am feeling creative again and am working on a few projects that I hope to post in the next few days. Back to normal. Actually, better than normal. I am at peace and how wonderful that is.