Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yes, I admit, I lag. Especially when it comes to blogging. So I was running into the local Target and ran into my friend Dawn who prompltly said, UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!! OK Dawn, here's the update!!!

The best news of all is my boy Gavin is getting potty trained. Any mom who goes through this knows what a chore it is. But so totally worth it because after this boy, I am done with diapers!! At least until I get some grandchildren which, God willing, won't be for years to come.

Vinnie turned 15 a couple of weeks ago and I finally met some of his friends from school. He is at that age where he is petrified that I will embarass him. But I held back. Lord knows I wanted to whip out the pictures of him and his friend Anthony in the bathtub when they were 2 but I restrained myself. He is growing entirely too fast. I'd post a picture of the birthday boy but lately, this is all I can get out of him:

Lovely huh? Yeah, I am hating this age but he seems to be growing out of it. And just think, I get to go through this 3 more stinkin' times! Oh joy!!

And lately I have taken to creating at home. It is just such a chore to drag all my stuff to the store and I have plenty of room here to do it. So I've been spending my Saturday nights here and scrapping while Jim does his thing.

I bought this lovely little gem at Target on clearance for $4!! I thought it was just the 4 letters in a cardboard box but when I got home I realized the box was actually made of wood so I inked it up, smacked some paper on there with the Podge and added some ribbon and stickers to the letter. Love it!
I've made more but haven't had a chance to take pics yet.
And finally, some things I've been pondering. While the kids were on Thanksgiving break I watched entirely too much television and here's what's bugging me:
1. Why does Diane Keaton wear white in all her movies? And what's up with the gloves and the scarves on her neck? Does she have old lady chicken neck she's trying to hide?
2. Has Marie Osmond made it this far on Dancing w/the Stars because of the sympathy vote? I love watching her but lord, last night with the whole doll thing, one word: HORRIFYING.
3. Reality TV: ok come on, you want some reality? Come to my house for a week and I'll give you some reality. Kids hanging off the banisters, husband who can't retain anything I tell him unless it has to do with sports or TV, getting by on 6 hours sleep on a daily basis yet still managing to get kids to school, do homework, clean house, cook, do laundry, etc. and yet I am not an alcoholic or surviving on some substance to keep me going. Of course, I'm bitchy but wouldn't that be the good part of the show? I mean, who hasn't heard me yell at Jim, 'WHICH PHONE ARE YOU ON?' Now THAT is funny. And real. OK, enough.
Alright peoples, that's it for now. Bundle up, stay warm and love each other. Even if they can't retain anything.