Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Week of Losses

No, nobody died.  But I lost crap all week.  Started with the good old bra.  Seriously, I lost my bra.  Now I didn't lost it in the throes of passion.  Oh no.  I was cleaning my craft room, got warm and slipped it off 'Flashdance' style and chucked it.  Next day, it was no where to be found.  It took me TWO DAYS to find the damn thing.  So I walked around wearing this crappy sports bra that I loathe because it is soooo uncomfortable.  TMI?  Yeah.  Next thing: my toothbrush.  Now this wasn't my fault.  I know those damn boys were doing something in my bathroom.  They always are.  What is a child's fascination with their parents' bedroom and their belongings?  I go in to brush my teeth the other morning and it's GONE.  Like, really?  My freakin' toothbrush?  Why the hell would they mess with my toothbrush?  Never mind.  I don't even want to know.  Considering they're boys, I assume it was something disgusting.  I'm probably lucky I didn't find it.  Thus is my life with all these men here.  There is entirely too much testosterone in this house.

So all the boys are on Summer break.  Ah, the joys of Summer vacation.  Late mornings, long days of fun and relaxing in the sun.  NOT!  My damn kids are the only kids in the world who DON'T sleep in during the Summer.  They actually woke up at 5:30AM the other day.  It was still DARK.  Hello?  What in the hell is wrong with them?  And I'm sorry, I need a good 6 hours of sleep or I am a raving lunatic.  I need my sleep.  Jim and I can't wait til they grow up and move out on their own so we can call them at the crack of dawn and wake them up.  Think I'm kidding?  Yeah, no.  I'm soooo doing it.  Check back in with me in about 10 years.

My mom was on vacation a few weeks ago and she was finally able to teach me how to crochet.  Not for lack of trying.  She has tried to show me several times but I guess I hadn't hit that 'crocheting' age yet.  But apparently 44 is the age to start doing this retiree type stuff.  And I am hooked (no pun intended).  There I sit on my couch every night with a basket of yarn and my thick ass reading glasses looking like Granny in Looney Tunes.  Lovely visual huh?  Here is my very first blanket.

I'm kinda proud of it.  We'll see how much more I create but it is a relaxing and kinda mindless thing for me to do while I unwind.

My other Summer thing is Pinterest.  Haven't heard of it?  OMG.  Go now.  Now I know only like 6 people read this blog (I think I may be over guessing here).  And you probably know what Pinterest is.  Well I am a total Pinterest crack head.  I am on there every night scanning through pictures of crafty stuff, recipes, houses, you name it, it's on there.  And I have actually done some of the stuff on there.  Cooked quite a few recipes with amazing results, all good.  Made some homemade cleaning products, used some various tips on cleaning and organization.  I LOVE it.  And I have to admit, my boards on Pinterest are pretty damn good.  So go to Pinterest.Com and check out my boards.  I'm listed under Tabitha McIntyre.  Good stuff.

Went to the Bug Bash in Antioch a couple of weekends ago.  Pretty cool show where all these Volkswagens are.  Old ones mostly and sooooo cool.  I am definitely looking to buy one before the Summer is over.  This one is my favorite.  My favorite color and so darn cute!!!!  Jim, Jamie and I had fun looking at all of them.

So Corn Fest is next weekend.  Yes, Brentwood is throwing it's annual Corn celebration where everyone eats corn, gets loaded and enjoys carnival rides.  Lots of fun in our neck of the woods.  We don't usually attend but I think this year I might venture over to see what the deal is.  They do have a fantastic fireworks show on Friday night to kick it off and we are lucky enough to live a couple of blocks from where they shoot them off so they fly right over our house.

I'd like to say I'll be better about updating this darn blog but you know it would be a lie.  I really REALLY need to quit being a slacker about this.  But after dealing with the boys all day and then life, by the end of the day I am basically up for surfing the net and that's about it.  OH, we did see then new Amazing Spiderman.  And simply put, it was amazing.  Seriously, good stuff.  I wasn't too sure about Andrew Garfield when I first heard about him but man, he was good.  Made me forget all about that Toby boy.  And I love Emma Stone. She's so stinkin' cute.  Definitely a movie you should see in a theater.  Next up is the new Batman.  DYING to see that.  Plus I love me some Christian Bale.  And Anne Hathaway as Catwoman?  Can't beat that.

And lastly, this little pixie is going to be 11 years old this week.  I am so excited for him but sad because he is growing so fast.  He is so incredibly smart and charming and I adore this boy.  He tells me the best stories and has an amazing memory.  I think this one will be the writer in the family like his Mom.  11 years ago I received one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me.  And I am so grateful that I get to be his mother.  I love you my Kie Pie.  Happy Birthday my darling boy!!!

Now get out there and enjoy this weather!!!!!!!