Thursday, February 26, 2009


So Jim and I just joined a local gym to start working out and we love it. It's been literally ten years since we worked out together. In fact, when we first started dating we joined a gym together but once I got pregnant with Jamie we quit. Then came the fifty other kids (just kidding) and of course, the gym has been non-existent for all this time. ANYWAY, they set us up with a trainer and he was interviewing us about our lifestyle. So he asks, on a scale of one to ten, what is your stress level? And I sat there thinking and realized for the first time in our marriage our stress level is almost zero. Amazing. A moment of clarity at a gym. Who'da thunk?

So I'm on track to get my butt back in shape. Now I'm not aiming for bikini shape because, let's face it, I will NEVER squeeze my lumpy butt into a bikini ever again. Not that I ever did before. I was more of a one piece type of girl. But I want to at least to be able to wear the cute clothes I have from my somewhat skinny days. And Jim looks fantastic when he's in shape plus it just ain't right looking like this. Plus I am feeling great since I started working out. Hopefully next time you see me there will be less of me.

So I'm sure I blogged about CHA but can I just say how much fun it is getting all the new goodies at the store? This Saturday we are having our second 3rd Anniversary crop. The first one filled up so quickly we had to add a second one. So we will packed with over 30 crazy scrapbookers and 16 hours of fun. I can't wait.

Spring break is in a couple of weeks so the kids are excited about getting 2 weeks off. I am loving the schedule out here because we get these little breaks to spend time together. And with them growing so darn quick we need that time. I can't believe my Gavin is starting kindergarten this year. Time just flies by way to fast. Vinnie is at career day at school today. Career day! I'm like, he's 16 already? Where did the time go? And he is growing like a weed. Everyday I look at him and see him looking more like a man than a boy and it is scary.

So all in all, life is good. I am loving life and my family and my awesome job. Ok, I'll stop. But get out there and find your happiness. Do something today that puts a smile on your face and a leap in your heart.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


DeAnne, Brit and I made the long drive down to Anaheim for the Craft & Hobby Assoc. trade show a little over a week ago. And what fun we had!!! It was so much fun to see all the new product for the comng year. There was so much to see we didn't even make it to every booth there. DeAnne had been before but I never had so I was blown away by the largesse of it. Hundreds of booths and vendors to see. Everything from fabric to yarn to (of course) scrapbooking supplies. We were on overload from all the creativity and beautiful stuff on display. Needless to say, we have returned with hundreds of ideas and ready to create some fabulous stuff.

We met Tim Holtz and he was very nice. He did a demo of a bunch of his products and they were awesome as usual. We also met Heidi Swapp, Melissa Frances, Jenni Bowlin and a few more industry 'celebrities'.

It was 4 days of walking, taking tons of pictures and absorbing as much as we could. The best part was I got to see the twins. And they are soooo beautiful. Frank and Jim are amazing parents and they all look so happy. That was definitely the highlight of my trip.

As much fun as we had, I am so glad to be home though because I couldn't stand being away from my boys. They were actually good while I was gone but that is the longest I've ever gone without seeing the little knuckleheads.

Vinnie just took the high school exit exam. It is so nerve wracking because you just want to get it done and over with. Now we just wait for the results. As for the other boys, they're a handful as always.

Can I just say how excited I am that Nip/Tuck is back on? AND Lost? The best. Nip/Tuck is weird like it always is and Lost, well can they confuse me any more? But I love it. Besides General Hospital & Grey's Anatomy there's not a lot I watch but these two are fabulous.

So tonight DeAnne and I are going to do a 14 day trial membership at a local gym. I have been running moderately and walking a lot but it just doesn't do a darn thing. So I am stepping it up because I am just way too darn chubby. I wanna wear cute clothes again and not feel like I'm gonna keel over if I walk a flight of stairs. I'm on a mission! Wish me luck!