Wednesday, June 09, 2010


It's official. I'm chubby. Oh, who am I kidding? I've been chubby. But when I hit the dreaded scale yesterday and saw that I had surpassed the 2oo (yes, that's 200 POUNDS), I realized something had to be done. Now I admit, I am one of those people that thinks if I eat once a day, I won't gain weight. AND I also have a husband who has told me for YEARS that if I eat 5 small meals instead of one big fat pigfest of a meal I will lose weight. With that in mind, I am doing a MAJOR shift in my diet. And excercise. Apparently chasing kids all day and running them back and forth to school is not considered excercise. Or I have the slowest metabolism in the world because it just ain't cutting it anymore. So I decided the best way I can push myself to lose this chubbiness is to tell you, my meager audience, my progress. My thinking is, if I have to share my piggishness with you I will be less likely to pork down on that last cupcake because I don't want it to go to waste. I figure, if Cathy Zielske can show her progress, why can't I? Heck, she even has before pictures is shorts and a tank top. It's late and I look like hell so I won't subject your poor eyes to that. But I will divulge: as of today, I weigh 221. I need to lost like 70lbs. I don't want to look anorexic, mind you. Just thinner. So there it is. Me in all my 221lb. glory. I am bound and determined. So if you see me stuffing a donut in my mouth, smack that damn thing out of my chubby little hand (is that an oxymoron?). I promise, I won't hit back. OK, I'm off to catch some z's. Tomorrow is a new day and my butt is losing some weight. Wish me luck!!

Friday, June 04, 2010


Yes, it is my favorite time of year. When the clothes get smaller, the weather gets warmer and I get to barbeque to my heart's content. Kids wrapped up school yesterday so today was our first official 'lazy' day. So I now have a first grader, a third grader, a fifth grader and a high school senior. And while I did cry that my last baby finished kindergarten, I look forward to the longer days so I can actually get some stuff done. This running around at all hours dropping kids off and picking them up is exhausting. I actually have to set my alarm so I don't forget to pick anyone up. But this is what I live for. Taking care of these boys and doing the best I can to ensure they are educated and safe. As I listen to Kieran yell, 'You suck Jamie.' Ahhhh, parenthood.

Last week DeAnne and I took our brood out to San Francisco for a little day trip. The best thing is it was on a Friday so there were less tourists and more parking spaces.

First stop:
Treasure Island.

Not the hotbed of activity and when we stopped at the convenience store there it was pretty scary. But the view of the city was amazing.
Next stop:
Lombard Street

DeAnne, Britt, Vincent and I have taken SEVERAL trips to the city and everytime we go to Lombard Street it is packed and the line to go down is a mile long. The key: go on a weekday! We sailed right through to the delight of dear Britt.

Then it was on to the Palace of Fine Arts:

It was just breathtaking here. Unfortunately, the Palace part is closed for construction but we walked around the lake and got some great pictures. It was a gorgeous day and the weather turned out to be perfect.

We also walked by the Expolratorium and did you know that the first Wednesday of every month is FREE? Go check it out.Then we went to the beach at Crissy Fields. My first time there and it was beautiful. There were dogs running in the water, a few guys windsailing which was really cool to watch. I had no idea how fast they went. And the kids had a blast digging in the sand. It was incredibly relaxing and I am now determined to go running out there.

After hanging at the beach we went on to Ghiradelli Square. We walked through Kara's Cupcakes and surprisingly, did not purchase any. Then had lunch at Lori's Diner. Now, I have been to Lori's a bunch of times and have always loved it but this time, I was sooooo disappointed. First of all, it cost a freakin' arm and a leg there. Yeah, I know. It's a tourist area. Bu $9 for an OK burger?? And no kid's menu? Then the service was horrible!! Let me just say, we will not be going to Lori's again.

After the Square, we took a little walk down towards Fisherman's Wharf until the kid's looked like they were about to drop. Then we headed back to our cars. This was the amazing view we were treated with on the way back:

So after a long day of sight seeing, we pile into our respective cars and just as we start the engines, all these bicyclists start flying by. Me, not being a city girl, assume it's a tour group. But oh no baby. It was:


What the?????????



Now I am all for people expressing themselves. But what does Critical Mass have to do with you riding your naked freaky ass down San Francisco streets? And why oh why were my children subjected to this? Try explaining to an elementary school child why that big ugly man is riding his bike down the street NAKED. Not fun. Now if they were Calvin Klein underwear models, well that's an entirely different story. And I would have gotten many more pictures. But alas, they were not Calvin models. Just old men with their junk flopping around. Gross.

As you can see, it was an eventful day. So much fun, so many different things we saw. That is why I adore the city. You can do so many things in one day. LOVE me some San Francisco. Next trip: hopefully Santa Cruz. Enjoy the beginning of these Summer Days!!!