Monday, October 23, 2006

Tag Team 'Em

When you can't get them to do what you want. So Kieran has been insitent on not going Trick or Treating which is just freaky for a 5 year old. I've been bringing it up to him on a daily basis trying my best to talk him into it. Even my friend Corinne tried to talk him into it with no success. So yesterday morning we're all sitting there having breakfast and Jim and I are telling him how we're dressing up for Halloween. And he's all, really? What's daddy gonna be?' And Jim's looking at me like, ok now what the hell do I say? And I say, Daddy's gonna be a big pirate. And he looks at Jim and goes, 'OK, I'll be Woody' and goes back to eating. SUCCESS!! So all is well in the McIntyre house.
Saturday night I had a Body Shop party and the girls all came by for pedicures. Thanks to Eunice for being such an awesome rep and providing us a night of pampering. And a HUMONGOUS thanks to my wonderful husband who not only helped make all the hors d'ourves but didn't say a word when he walked into the living room and saw 5 women with their feet soaking in tubs. What a great guy. As for the Body Shop, I can't say enough about their products. Everything is awesome and smells soooo yummy. And having them come to your home now is great.
Got Kieran in front of the camera on Friday and he was actually cooperative. I am dying to get my new camera because Gavin won't sit still for nothing so my little nickel ninety-nine digital is out with him. But here's the end result of great window lighting, a white comforter and one adorable little 5 year old who is now going Trick or Treating. Gotta love that.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's That Time of Year

I love Halloween and I am so excited that the kids decided to NOT dress up like Buzz & Woody for the first time in 2 years. The Disney store had all of the costumes for 50% off. Notice Kie? This kid decided he doesn't want to go trick or treating this year. What's up with that? He wants to stay home with Vinnie and hand out candy. I bought him the Pirates of the Caribbean telescope, eye patch, pirate ring set in hopes that he will change his mind. Crossing my fingers. He is walking around with the eye patch so there's hope for him yet!

Meanwhile, babies are doing great. I felt my first kicks 2 days ago and we're very excited. That was one thing I really missed about being pregnant. Just feeling that life inside of you growing and moving. It's amazing.

And it looks like my brother may be home for Thanksgiving. Nothing definite yet but he says it looks like he'll be home for 2 weeks. We'll know closer to the date since the Army is good about telling these guys at the absolute LAST minute. But we don't care, as long as he's home. I just can't wait for all of this to be over so they can all come home.

Last but not least, I am finally taking the plunge and getting this photography thing off the ground. Going to start building my portfolio over the next couple of months, set up a website and whatnot. I am so excited to get this going. And my new camera should be here sometime beginning November. Big thanks to Miss Corinne for helping me with my decision.

Alrighty people, get out there and get those costumes ready for all hallows eve!! Enjoy this wonderful Autumn weather!!