Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Too Long

Talk about draggin' ass.  It's been that long since I've posted?  Well I've been getting the itch to write again so here I am.  So much has changed yet so much is the same.  Change: we are all 4 years older but with growing boys, the change is drastic.  I now have 2 in high school and one in middle school.  Jamie and Kieran are now towering over me and Gavin is quick on their heels.  Vince is working away and doing great.  Jim and I are just rolling into our 17th year of marriage and while there's been some ups and downs, we have mangaed to plow through and still going strong.  Hey, as long as neither of us has ended up in jail or in the hospital, I'd say we're doing pretty damn good.

This was taken on our Summer trip to SoCal to visit my brother.  Jamie opted to stay home but the other 3 went with me and it was a great trip.  My brother lives on a lake so we went swimming and kayaking and watched the fireworks for 4th of July.  Great trip and always a blast when we get to see my brother.

So long story short, I'm back.  Along with my witty banter and sarcastic sense of humor.  Any comments, questions or just observations, drop me a line.  I know I'll have millions of followers!  Haha!!  Peace out!