Monday, February 01, 2010

Cha Cha Cha

I had the amazingly good fortune to travel to Anaheim for the Craft & Hobby Assoc. Trade Show with these wonderful ladies. The wonderful and superbly talented Daniela Costa of The Art Life, my favorite lady Nancie and my new friend Lora. It was a whirlwind 4 days of so much crafty goodness we couldn't take it all in. But you can bet we tried!!!

We started of the trip with a great dinner at Buca di Bepo to celebrate Lora's birthday. Dinner was amazing and the birthday cake was to die for. So good and pretty you know I took a picture of it:
It tasted as good as it looked. Gotta love a cake that looks like an Italian flag.
Following morning we headed to our first day of the show. Unlike the Bay Area, the weather in Los Angeles was gorgeous. Blue skies and sun made the trip even better. And there were
so many awesome things to take in at the show. Tons of new product, cool ideas and scrapbook celebrities.

We got to meet the very talentd Teresa Collins. And Elizabeth Kartchner who created the Dear Lizzy line for American Crafts. Soooo stinkin' cute and she was super nice.

And got to take a class with my most favorite designer in the whole world, the ultra fabulous, Donna Downey. This was the first time I got to take a class with her and I was so excited. She was really sweet and very down to earth. What a great class!!

I also got the chance to see my friends, Frank & Jim and their adorable twins. We had lunch at Ralph Brown's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney and it was delish. So good to see them and the kids are so darn cute!

But after 4 days, I was dying to get home. Missin' my men. And I was so grateful to come home to this:

And I was back where I belong. With my brood. Vinnie was at his dad's so he wasn't there for the pic. But I was so happy when I came home after driving 9 (yes N I N E) hours at 12:30AM to find all of my boys up and waiting for me. It is so nice to be missed. Even my Vinnie who is too cool to tell his mom he likes her told me it wasn't the same without me here. Maybe I should go away more often?