Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!

Has 2009 gone already? How is that possible? Time is just going by entirely too fast. With that being said, life is a whirlwind as always. We moved Christmas weekend into a new house. Apparently my illnesses coincide with us moving. Last time it was pneumonia this time it was a horrible horrible flu that would not go away. Needless to say, this made our move miserable. But Jim and Vinnie were troopers and picked up the slack while I slept for hours on end. And here we are in a lovely new home with a larger backyard which equals happier children and pets. They are having a blast running in the backyard. And they don't even mind the cold. Remember when you were a kid and it could be 40 below but you still wanted to go outside to play? Yeah, that's them. Me, I'm nice and warm in the house unpacking. One thing that you realize when you move is how much crap you have accumulated. I mean seriously, do I really need that many craft supplies? I could easily scrapbook for the next 3 years and not have to buy a thing with the amount of stuff I have. Jim was like, really? I mean do you REALLY need all of this crap? Of course, my answer was yes. But I am purging. I am going through all of my stuff and letting go. UGH! I hate it when Jim is right. Lucky for me, it isn't that often.

We are looking forward to 2010 being a better year. Just to get us all on track and for life to be good. We have so much to be grateful for and my goal is to see all of my blessings and not concentrate on my burdens. My kids are healthy, my husband is a gem I wouldn't trade for anything in the world and I have a wonderful family that supports me.

So, have you seen Julie & Julia? Fabulous-o. I am a cooking fool since I saw that (thank you Nancie for hooking me up). It has renewed my passion for cooking and the family is happy to have some new stuff added to our menu. If you haven't seen it, check it out. But be warned, you will be starving through the whole movie.

Heading to Los Angeles for the Craft & Hobby Show in a couple of weeks. Driving down with my favorite traveling companion, Miss Nancie Fancy Pants. Looking forward to 5 hours of 70's music and some much need gal time. Meeting Daniela and some other gals down there to pimp Daniela's new store. So excited for her. She is so talented and I am hoping this works out well for her.

And last but not least, a sad good-bye to Remember When.... in Pleasant Hill. This was the first scrapbook store I'd ever been to 14 years ago and I am very sad to see it close. While this hobby is not a dying fad, it is hard with this economy for these brick and mortar stores to compete with the low prices on the web. We do still have 2 fabulous stores in our area, Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley and Scrap Diva in Brentwood. Support your local scrapbook stores!!! We don't want to lose them to this economy.

Have a blessed 2010!!!!