Friday, October 12, 2007

Go Wong Kie

So the kids have all been on vacation for the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately it wasn't much of a vacation as they all caught pretty bad colds. So much of it was spent indoors. But just before the sickness hit, we had a fun day outside playing with the boys. It is so nice to be able to take them out front & let them play. All of them are such boys so it is inevitable that they will be playing baseball, football or cops & robbers. With the exception of Vinnie who is usually hiding in the 'Bat Cave' which I affectionately call his room. Ah, the life of a 14 year old boy. How many days can you actually live without sunlight? Apparently that is the experiment he's been conducting on vacation.

Once they all got sick they were relegated to playing football in the house with a foam ball. Hence, the title. Jamie, God love him, has the worst time pronouncing his L's. So the other night as I was cooking dinner, I hear him shout from the living room, Go Wong Kie. Now, I am not a cruel mother but I do have a twisted sense of humor so of course, I am trying not to die laughing because I take it for what is sounds like. Go Wong. Get it? Ok, maybe it's just me.

Scored this shirt at the local Target.
Could it BE any more appropriate? He has got his daddy wrapped around his little finger. For which, I of course, am paying for. Jim spoils him rotten while I'm gone & then when I have him at home during the week he is a holy terror. It doesn't help that he is cute as heck & knows it. And see that hair? Hasn't been cut since MARCH. I don't want to make some poor person have to deal with him screaming while they cut it & we're too scared to cut it because he's so darn stubborn he'd sooner cut his leg off than cut his hair. I figure he's making up for all the other men in this family sporting the military cut.

Speaking of military, my brother should be back stateside (at least, Hawaiian-side) any day now. Thank God. Most of his unit made it back last weekend & he should be home hopefully sometime this weekend. Can't WAIT.

Jim had his cochlear turned on Monday however there is still too much scar tissue for it to work effectively. However, when they turned it on, he could hear. Woohoo! In no time at all he will realize how funny his wife really is. Do you know how many perfectly good jokes & witty responses I've wasted on him? So we wait 2 more weeks for a bit more healing & then try again. But the good thing is it worked so far. Yay!

Alrighty then, enjoy this wonderful Autumn weather. Take some pictures of the changing colors, bake some pumpkin bread, light a fire at night & cuddle up watching movies. And remember,

Go Wong