Wednesday, August 01, 2012


So I have been trying to meditate lately.  You know, clear my head, become more relaxed and centered.  So I sit still.  Which is hard in itself because I am a fidgeter.  Not a word but you know what I mean.  I guess that's where Kieran got it.  But I digress.  So I sit still.  Or at least try.  Deep breath.  Try to clear my head.  But now I'm thinking, 'Don't think about anything'.  But I'm thinking about not thinking so really, my head isn't clear.  Now one of the dogs just has to come up to make sure I'm not dead because I am not moving (I think) and now I'm saying, Go away__________ (Sam, Pip or Cooper).  Anyway, needless to say, the meditation thing is really hard.  Whoda thunk?  Hmmmm.

Summer is over for all of the boys.  School is back in and I have a few hours of quiet during the day now.  We spent a small fortune in school supplies.  As Jim and I stood at the register in Target, we reminisced about the days when all you had to do was show up and everything was there.  Not anymore.  I received a lengthy list from each boys' teachers detailing everything they would need for school.  It was A LOT.  Then, of course, there were school clothes to buy and they are now at the age where I can't just buy them any shirt off the rack.  One doesn't want to wear anything but long sleeves, the other one wants plain t-shirts and the little one wants to dress like a Banana Republic ad.  I guess I should be grateful I have boys and not girls otherwise I'd have hair and make-up to contend with also.  Counting my blessings right now.  Amen.

Now for the comedy portion of my post.  People get on my damn nerves.  I mean, really get on my nerves.  Not everyone, mind you.  Just a lot of them.  I've been teaching my oldest to drive and seriously, does ANYONE in this town stop at the stop signs?  Here I am trying to teach my kid to come to a complete stop and everyone else is rolling through them like it's a Sunday drive.  People, the stop signs are there for a reason.  Sooooo irritating.  Oh and that 25MPH in a School Zone?  Yeah, that means 25 not 35+.  That also means, if you see kids crossing the street, you don't roll right up on them in the middle of the intersection waiting for them to cross.  The last couple of months of school last year, the boys and I rode our bikes and I was blown away at the blatant disregard for traffic laws in this area.  Anyway, I know no one reads this but just in case, follow the rules.  Especially when kids are around.

Ok.  I'm going to go try to meditate.  Or scare the dogs.  Have a wonderful week!!