Monday, May 29, 2006

Salute Our Servicemen & Women

This is my brother. Most of you know I adore him. Nicest guy you could meet and really, I'm not just saying this because he's my brother. He has been in the service of over 18 years and traveled all over the world. He has sacrificed a lot, mostly being away from his family for long periods of time. This is the first time he's been home in almost 2 years. Being in the service is not like having a regular job. You can't just quit when you don't like it. You're stuck. And you can't just go wherever you want, you are tied to your unit for anywhere from 2-4 or more years. Which means where your unit goes, you go. And if you have a family, you're leaving them behind everytime you're deployed. And now it's even scarier than ever. Because you're not getting deployed to do peacekeeping missions, now it's a war in an extremely hostile country where you're not wanted. And these people do this voluntarily. They voluntarily enlist to protect our country and it's citizens and even non-citizens. So that we can be free, we can live where we want, we have free speech and our children, regardless of race, religion or sex, get a FREE education. How fortunate are we? And how often do we take these things for granted? So today, take a moment and pray for our soldiers who are fighting in a far away country. Pray for them to be warm, safe and protected. And be grateful for all these blessings we enjoy in this great country because people like my brother protect us. God Bless America.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Welcome to Sunny California!

NOT! Where the heck did this rain come from? It is absolutely pouring right now when just a week ago it was sunny & warm. Let's hope this is the last of it.
Been super busy because my brother is finally home. YAY! We are all so happy to have him here & it's like he was never gone. He'll be here until the 29th & the time is flying by as usual. Never enough time but we are grateful for what we get. He is doing great & all prepared to go back to Iraq. He should be there for a year but he does get a 2 week leave mid-tour so we will be looking forward to that. I pray that he is safe there & comes home safe & sound.
Spent some time with the gals last night & realize how very much these great ladies mean to me. I can share anything with them & know I will get an honest answer or opinion. And right now their support means so much to me.
So here's the pic for the week.

Future hall of famer? All natural, no steroids like it hopefully will be in the future. Lookin' forward to seeing that MCINTYRE on the back of a jersey. That's my boy.

Monday, May 08, 2006

This is what it's all about

When I was younger I didn't want kids. Couldn't stand 'em. Sure, I liked other people's kids but never in a million years did I want them. Didn't want to change diapers, hear whining or God forbid, clean up puke. But when I was 23 I felt that tug. A lot of my friends started having babies and I realized they weren't so bad. Then a good friend of mine had a baby girl. I was there the day after she gave birth & when I held her in my arms, I knew. I wanted this. This tiny little thing to love & nurture & watch grow. And 2 years later I had twin boys. Amazing. Nothing in the world prepares you for how you're going to feel the first time you hold that little person in your arms & know at that moment, this is what life is all about. I can't imagine life without them. They bring me joy, drive me nuts, keep me running & make my life complete. And I feel so lucky everyday that I get to be home with them. Thank God for my husband being well employed & giving me the opportunity so raise these little men. I don't miss a moment, not a step or a first word. All the milestones I am lucky enough to witness.

I am also grateful for the wonderful ladies I am lucky enough to call my friends though I feel like they are more like sisters. Had a great time cropping at a new store in Tracy for National Scrapbook Day but it wasn't the same without Nancie. Could not believe how huge this place was. And they had a great selection of products. I would definitely make the trip out there again. If you get a chance or are in the area, check out Young Play Memories. Cool place.

So is that enough mush for the day? Good. 'Cuz that's all you're getting outta me this week. I've gone over my mush quota.

Advice for the week? Get out there & enjoy this weather! Take a walk, take the kids to the park. And do something for yourself? As stay at home moms & working ladies, we rarely take time out for ourselves so find the time to do it now. You deserve it!!