Monday, May 29, 2006

Salute Our Servicemen & Women

This is my brother. Most of you know I adore him. Nicest guy you could meet and really, I'm not just saying this because he's my brother. He has been in the service of over 18 years and traveled all over the world. He has sacrificed a lot, mostly being away from his family for long periods of time. This is the first time he's been home in almost 2 years. Being in the service is not like having a regular job. You can't just quit when you don't like it. You're stuck. And you can't just go wherever you want, you are tied to your unit for anywhere from 2-4 or more years. Which means where your unit goes, you go. And if you have a family, you're leaving them behind everytime you're deployed. And now it's even scarier than ever. Because you're not getting deployed to do peacekeeping missions, now it's a war in an extremely hostile country where you're not wanted. And these people do this voluntarily. They voluntarily enlist to protect our country and it's citizens and even non-citizens. So that we can be free, we can live where we want, we have free speech and our children, regardless of race, religion or sex, get a FREE education. How fortunate are we? And how often do we take these things for granted? So today, take a moment and pray for our soldiers who are fighting in a far away country. Pray for them to be warm, safe and protected. And be grateful for all these blessings we enjoy in this great country because people like my brother protect us. God Bless America.

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