Sunday, May 21, 2006

Welcome to Sunny California!

NOT! Where the heck did this rain come from? It is absolutely pouring right now when just a week ago it was sunny & warm. Let's hope this is the last of it.
Been super busy because my brother is finally home. YAY! We are all so happy to have him here & it's like he was never gone. He'll be here until the 29th & the time is flying by as usual. Never enough time but we are grateful for what we get. He is doing great & all prepared to go back to Iraq. He should be there for a year but he does get a 2 week leave mid-tour so we will be looking forward to that. I pray that he is safe there & comes home safe & sound.
Spent some time with the gals last night & realize how very much these great ladies mean to me. I can share anything with them & know I will get an honest answer or opinion. And right now their support means so much to me.
So here's the pic for the week.

Future hall of famer? All natural, no steroids like it hopefully will be in the future. Lookin' forward to seeing that MCINTYRE on the back of a jersey. That's my boy.

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