Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hug Your Kids

If you haven't heard, there was an 8 year old girl named Sandra Cantu that was kidnapped a couple of weeks ago. She was subsequently found dead and the suspect is a Sunday school teacher who lived just 5 doors away. This is so incredibly disturbing on so many levels. The little girl was my Jamie's age. I look at my boys and wonder how anyone could hurt a child in such a horrible way. It was late at night when I heard she'd been found and I went upstairs and looked at my boys, grateful that they were home safe and sound. And prayed for that little girl and her family. Having lost a child, I understand the grief they must be going through. However, losing them to such violence is unimaginable. So take a moment today to hug your children. Keep an extra eye on them, thell them when they do well, don't forget to tell them you love them every chance you get.

We had a very nice Spring break, spending lots of quality time with the boys. Vinnie went to Oahu with my mom to see my brother and they had a great time. My brother will be heading for his 3rd tour in Iraq mid-August and while we are not thrilled, we are grateful he isn't going to Afghanistan. If all goes according to plan, this will be his last tour and he will be retiring in the next few years. We are anxious to have him closer to home or at least not being sent into a warzone.
I am finally starting to create again. It seems like I've been stuck in this funk for months now. Oh sure, I'm still accumulating stuff at record pace but using it? Heck no. I have piles and piles of paper and more embellishments than a scrapper should be allowed. But last week I pulled out a pile of pictures, a box of supplies and miraculously created 4 layouts. Woohoo! Now if I can just keep up the momentum....
I'll keep it short. Just take a minute to hug your kids. Go on. If they're not home, do it when they get home. I'm going to hug mine right now. If they're lucky, I'll let them go.