Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Special Delivery!

Yes I know it's been weeks since I've posted but I have a perfectly good excuse. Two, to be exact.

Welcome to the world Milo Holden and his beautiful sister............

Kaylee Dietrich!

These sweet little angels arrived a little earlier than we expected. I managed to make it to 32 1/2 weeks but they came out perfect. It was a helluva whirlwind but we are all grateful that they were healthy. Make a long story short, I got that horrible cold that everyone has & it lasted about a week, went away for a few days & then came back with a vengence. I was literally like, oh my God I am dying. But typical me, I thought it was just a really bad cold until Monday, March 5th when Jim was like, yeah something isn't right because I've never seen you this sick. So I went to my regular prenatal appointment where they promptly sent me to the hospital. An hour later I was told that we were delivering babies that night & guess what? I had pneumonia!!! Needless to say, I was in shock. And worried about how this all was affecting the babies. So I called Daddies & Nancie & before I knew it everyone was here & we were waiting for those babies to join us. The staff at John Muir was beyond amazing. Everything went quickly & smoothly & I had an extremely comfortable labor & delivery. Milo was born at 10:39pm & Kaylee was born at 10:45pm. I am still amazed at how perfectly beautiful they are & that they are healthy being born so early. Truly a blessing.

On the home front, we finally moved. We are getting settled into our new house & love the extra space. The boys love all the extra room & Gavin has taken to running around the huge island in the kitchen doing laps before bed. The move went pretty smoothly & Jim was a real trooper with me basically telling him where to put stuff. This will be our first weekend without having to do anything so we are going to just relax & enjoy the new house.

So life will slowly get back to normal. I'm going to get my butt back in shape, get aquainted with our new locale & enjoy this beautiful weather. Who could believe it was snowing & raining out here a couple of weeks ago? I love this weather & am dying to get the kids out to the park.

Hope everyone is doing well & having a great week. Go outside & enjoy this Spring weather!

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Daniela said...

The pics are fantastic and you rocked it girlfriend! Congrats to you for being such a trooper and congrats to the men for being such great dads!