Friday, April 13, 2007

What is normal?

Is normal being able to leap out of bed & have a day's full of energy? Or is normal just being able to function without passing out? For me, it's the latter. I can't remember the last time I leapt out of bed full of boundless energy, ready to greet the day head-on. When was that? Like 1985? Yeah, probably. Nonetheless, life is returning to relative normalcy for me. The kids are on Spring Break this week so I was able to sleep in a couple of hours all week. And after the pneumonia, sleep is all I want to do. It seems like no matter how much I sleep I still wake up tired. Or maybe that's because I have 4 boys who run me ragged. Speaking of 4 boys, we took all of them to Six Flags Marine World last weekend. Yeah, I know it's 'Discovery Kingdom' now but it's been Marine World since I was a kid & that it shall remain. Vinnie opted to spend the weekend with his dad. He's at that age where his little brothers are embarassing so he doesn't want to go anywhere with them. Nice. But I did manage to get some great pictures of the animals. I mean real animals, not my kids. Haha!

We ran into Newman's ex-wife. Apparently she moved back from Brazil & found a great job performing at the park. Ok, that was evil but how could I resist? The kids got a kick out of the show but we took seats away from the splash zone because it wasn't quite warm enough to enjoy a good bath.

I managed to get all of them in front of the camera for a group picture. This is the only one Gavin cooperated for. He was basically carried on Jim's shoulders the whole day because he didn't want to walk. But he had fun & the boys loved all the rides. It was nice because there wasn't a ton of people there & because Jim & I weren't riding anything I was able to take the good camera. Have I said lately how much I LOVE my camera? The color & the quality of my pictures is AMAZING.

As for the twins, they are doing amazing. They went home with daddies last week in time for Easter. They are growing like crazy & absolutely beautiful. Here's the latest, taken on Easter.

Are they cute or what? So sweet. Everyone is doing well & I am still amazed everytime I look at them.

On the creative front, I haven't scrapbooked in weeks & I am seriously fiending a good crop. Hopefully I can get some work done with weekend because I just had a ton of pictures printed through Snapfish, who I must say does a great job of printing digital pics. Example: I had some pictures printeds at Sam's photo center. Downloaded them online, picked them up a few days later. And I was wondering why all the boys looked like they were wearing cherry red lipstick. So I sent the same pics to Snapfish for printing & it was well worth the extra money. So take my advice, spend the extra dough & get the pictures developed from a company that cares. No offense Sam's.

Okey doke, hope everyone is doing well. I swear, I will try my darndest to post more. Really. No seriously, I will. No excuses. Oh, and one thing hasn't changed:

I still love Patrick. I could just eat him up.

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