Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy/Merry Everything

I seem to have missed the holidays & so with 2008 looming just 2 days away, I've pondered some resolutions for the coming year. So here we go!!

1) I will be more patient & kind. Even to people who are idiots (you know who you are). I can't stop being sarcastic because, come on, that's who I am. If I weren't sarcastic I just wouldn't be funny. And who wants to be around un-funny Tab? Yeah, not me either. Patience I can do, sarcasm I can't live without.

2) I will not, WILL NOT hoard my scrapbook supplies. It really is a sickness. You buy that super cute rub-on, paper, whatever & then it sits & gathers dust until that super special project comes up. That never comes up. I hoard, hoard, hoard. Well hoard no more. I'm using it all!!

3) I will be patient & kind. Did I already say that?

4) I will get this photography thing off the ground. One way or another. No excuses.

5) I will keep in touch with people. I will email, call, write letters, reconnect. Yes, I'm busy but I need to make time to keep in touch with my peeps.

6) I'm chubby. The chubby has got to go. NOW. I want to wear cute clothes again & maybe buy a bra that doesn't look like something Norbit's girlfriend would wear. (If you didn't see it, don't bother. It was horrible.) And this one I already started. Got my run on a few times this week & I am trying really hard to stick to it.

7) BE PATIENT & KIND. Ugh. Maybe I should scratch this one??

I tried to get the kids to take a nice family picture. Of course, Vinnie was pulling his best Sean Penn impersonation & refused to cooperate. And the wee ones wanted to screw around more than take pics. So I would get 2 of the 3 to cooperate at different times. However, through the gift of bribery, I did manage to get one decent picture of the 3 little ones.

I haven't scrapped in almost 2 months but I did manage to venture out last night. Went to MDW, glued one picture to a sheet of paper & then stared at it for an hour before I finally gave up. My lack of inspiration is making me crazy. Which is completely pathetic because I have more product than anyone will ever need. I could probably scrap everyday for a year & still have a ton of stuff left over.

One last resolution:

8) I will blog more often. Really I will!!! Have a wonderful New Year!!

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