Friday, May 02, 2008

What the...???

When Nance & I went to LA a couple of years ago, I got totally hooked on this place called Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. You know how there's like a Starbuck's every block up here? Well down in LA it's the opposite. CB & TL is everywhere. Our friend Frank bought me a yummy green tea & Japanese cherry latte. Heaven in a cardboard cup. ANYWAY, up here in Starbuck's country, there's only 2. And they're both in San Francisco where I hardly go anymore. So a couple of weeks ago I had a shoot in Mill Valley. And early shoot. So I purposely left earlier to take the loooong way to Mill Valley so I could make a pit stop at the CB & TL in Ghiradelli square. I'm all excited, thinking about it all week. I pull up, gleefully plop my coins into the meter and turn around. And this is what I see:

WHAT THE HELL??? Where is my Coffee Bean??? I swear, I was sooooooo mad!! It's 7 in the morning, I have been waiting all week for this & IT'S GONE!!! I stood in the middle of the street, cursing to myself which in SF is not uncommon since there's whackos on every corner. I stomp back to my car & unfortunately, had to resort to the evil, bad

Yep, the Devil's den. UGH!! Nonetheless, it ended up being a good day. Mill Valley is goreous & the weather ended up being beautiful. I was too busy working so I didn't get any personal pictures but it was a nice day.

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to go on Kieran's fieldtrip last week. Mom watched Gavin while I went to the Stockton Children's Museum with 20 kindergarteners. How his teacher does it is beyond me. The kids were amazing & so sweet. She actually has a great group of kids. The bus was 45 minutes late & she kept the kids occupied by singing & it was such a kick.

It was my first field trip with Kieran so I really got to see him interact with his classmates. I had 3 kids in my group, Kie, Andrew & Esmeralda. Kie & Andrew are friends I was so tickled to see this as we walked out to wait for the bus:

I love this age where you don't care about who sees you or what people think. You are just YOU. I hope they never lose that. There are so many people that lose that 'realness' when they get older. It's like you have to put on a front for certain people or certain environments. I'm guilty of it too though not so much now as when I was younger. I am soooo not the people pleaser I was. Call me what you will but I am all about keeping it real now. I don't have the time or energy to be fake anymore. I have 4 kids for pete's sake. I don't even have time to sleep!
ANYWAY, keep it real baby!!! By the way, it's National Scrapbook Day on Saturday. Or in our case, Nat'l SB WEEKEND. Because one day just isn't enough. So scrap something, create something. Do it up!


Anonymous said...

YOu are hilarious storyteller. Love how you drive up and pay for the meter and dont realize the store is gone. Glad you are back to blogging. Hope you had a nice NSW!!

Sharon F.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Tab!!! I remember you talking about that coffee shop, funny story. Didn't you stop there on the way home from SF airport one time also?

I miss ya, hope you had a good NSBW. I ended up making a book for Grace's teacher, it's cute.

Talk to you soon,

Tab said...

Yes I did stop there at like 530 in the morning on the way back from SFO because I was obsessed.

Did you take pics of the book? I wanna see!!

Anonymous said...

Come on Tab, that would be way too organized for me!!!