Thursday, June 05, 2008


Well, almost. Today is the last day of school & I have to admit, I am excited. And aprehensive. Having the boys home all day for the next 45 days will be a lot of work but I am looking forward to sleeping in, going on some outings & just enjoying some time with these little men. My boys are growing faster & faster & I am trying to slow down & savor these moments. On that note, my young man, Vincenzo, just enrolled in some college courses. COLLEGE. Of course, he was kicking & screaming but his dad checked into him getting some extra credits over the Summer & so he's going. Oh, & we're doing this to 'ruin his Summer'. You know, cutting into his sleep, XBox time, whatnot. The important stuff.

So a couple of weeks ago my darling husband talks me into going to a tailgate party at an A's game with his co-workers. Now I've never met these guys & I didn't want to be the only female there but Jim insists, other wives will be there. Right. So we get there & this is what I'm greeted by:
That's a Boston Red Sox shirt. And he wasn't the only one. There were hundreds. The problem? I'm a Yankees fan. I'm wearing a Yankees hat. The Red Sox hate the Yankees. Yes, it's a man thing but this grudge goes waaaaaay back. Like Babe Ruth way back. So I am getting glares, jeers, wiseass remarks from these psycho Boston fans. Then we get to the tailgate & guess what? NO WIVES. Just this:

A bunch of drunken pipefitters. I admit, we had a blast. He works with some very nice guys & I was happy to see Jim in his element. By the way, the A's won. Sorry Boston.

I must brag though. My sweet Kieran received student of the month for May. I am sooooo proud of this boy. This is the boy who cried everyday the first week of school who has blossomed into a boy who loves school. He was so excited & we are so proud of him. We were very lucky that he had an awesome teacher & she was so patient with him. Good job Kie!!

Last note, Gavin is into this show on Nickelodeon called Go Gabba Gabba. One word: SCARY. I mean freaky scary. Like one of those shows that has songs that you just KNOW send subliminal messages. And I just saw Biz Markie on here singing. For those of you youngins' you won't know who he is but for you old folks like me, he was the big fat guy back in the 80's who dressed like Beethoven & sat at a piano singing, Just A Friend. YouTube it. It's so worth the laugh.


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