Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane.......

My boy left for Hawaii a little over a week ago. Now I know he's 15 & he's not a baby anymore, but he's my baby. And I put MY baby on a plane by himself to fly across the OCEAN. He was walking to get on the plane & I'm all, 'Don't talk to strangers, don't drink too many energy drinks, don't go too far into the ocean,' & I'm sure all he heard was, 'blah, blah, blah'. Poor kid, he was so scared I was going to cry in front of everyone in the airport. Then I had to watch to make sure the plane took off ok & then sit on pins & needles until I heard from him. So now he's in beautiful Oahu enjoying some much needed time with his uncle. I am so glad he went because he usually has to share his uncle with everyone here.

On the home front, I got a new job here in town. I am so excited but sad to be leaving the cool people I met at MDW (My Daughter's Wish). But it is way closer & a great opportunity for me. It's at Scrap Diva & it's a great store here in Brentwood. Jim & the kids are excited to have me closer to home.

I've finally had some time on my hands so I have made a point of going to some of the local stores here. And what treasures I found! First up is this fantastic store called Maria Neu Interiors & Boutique. This place was amazing to say the least. Her sign alone has been calling my name for months. The owner was really nice & gave me a lot of information about her inventory. She not only has fabulous stuff in her boutique but she also does interior decorating. Just some yummy beautiful stuff. It was very French & had some unique handmade items. Clothes, furniture, art. So here's a peek:

This is a beautiful vintage looking chair. Love it!!!

This was the infant area that had furniture & some beautiful handmade outfits that the owner's friend makes. The designs are called Pixie Bleu Vintage & the designer actually uses vintage lace that she orders from her friend in Paris. Love it!!

I saved the best for last. This picture was stunning to say the least. It was just breathtaking & I fell in love with it. So if you're in the area or even if you're not, stop by, check it out. Drool. It's Maria Neu Interiors & Boutique at 220 Oak Street in Brentwood. She also has a website, MariaNeuInteriors.Com. Good stuff. Oh and look at her window:

Also took a little drive out to the Lafayette reservoir to take the kids for a walk. It was so nice & the weather has been great. Not incredibly hot, just the way we like it. Afterwards we stopped at a little thrift shop nearby & Gavin latched onto the oddest thing. The kid is definitely unique.

We had a great 4th. Spent the day with the kidlets, bbq'd & then we took a drive out to Concord to watch the fireworks. The weather was perfect, just cool enough & a nice breeze. The kids had a lot of fun & so did Jim & I. We did some good family bonding.

Well, I'm off to pack for a crop. God Bless America & remember to thank our service men & women for protecting our country & our freedom.


nan said...

i wanna come out and go shopping and window shopping at all these great stores you have been finding!
love gavin and the goggles. i am remembering a picture of jamie or kie in goggles from a few years back, unless i dreamt it! love you!

Just Tab said...

OMG I forgot about those pics! Good memory girlie!

nan said...

um, tab, you have not blogged in forever and vinnie has long since returned from his visit with uncle beto, so blog girl, blog.