Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Allergies Suck

Those of you who suffer from this seasonal malady know what I mean. It's awful. Doesn't help that I live across the street from this HUMONGOUS FIELD and at the end of my street are orchards teeming with pollen. So I suffer along with my sweet little 5 year old who doesn't understand why his eyes are swollen and he looks like a bug. Poor kid.
But the McIntyre's are trucking along. Last few weeks of school and looking forward to taking a few short trips with the boys and my mom. My mom is dying to go to Santa Cruz and ride the Round-Up. She is by far the coolest mom EVER. Unlike her friends that are her age, she still loves to get up and go, always looking for an adventure. Guess who inherited that trait? Also going to try to make it up to Yosemite. Shame on me, I have never been and am looking forward to showing my boys this wonderful part of California. The best part of this Summer is my brother will finally be home from overseas. It is hell knowing he's out there and we are relieved that his time there is almost complete. YAY!!!

So what's up in my world? Went to SF with DeAnne and the Brit's a few weeks ago. I love going on a weekday because it's such a different feel than on the weekends when the tourists are all over like ants. Plus we went off the beaten path into the Marina District and walked around and it was so cool. We found a lovely little Irish pub, which I forgot to get the name of. Anyway, tons of old pictures around from the 40's and 50's. So being me, I wandered around looking and lo and behold I found this little gem:

Oh yeah baby. That's the boys. From left to right: Roger Maris, Yogi Berra and the one and only, Mickey Mantle. My 2 favorite players are Roger and the Mick. Seen the movie *61? It's all about the year Maris and the Mick were trying to beat Babe Ruth's home run record. FANTASTIC movie. Especially if you're a baseball fan. Even better if you're a Yankees fan. I wanted to rip this picture off the wall but I settled for taking a picture. Needless to say, this is getting blown up and placed in a very prominent place on my wall. Where Jim and Vinnie can't reach it. Damn Yankee haters.

I have been a creating fool lately. I was in a funk for so long and then this weekend I pounded out like 5 projects. Shocked myself. I haven't taken pics yet but I will.

Very excited that the local Farmer's Market has opened for the season. They have the best stuff and the kids love walking around and picking the fruit. Going to try to take them to a U-Pick farm this weekend. I'll be the one wearing the Michael Jackson mask wheezing. No offense. Jim told me to wear a bandana over my face and I was like, ok so I'll look like a bank robber? Men.

Life is great and I am looking forward to lots of fun activities. More trips to the city and hopefully checking out new places in California. So bust out that camera, start taking some pictures and enjoy this lovely weather. It's gonna be a beautiful Summer!!

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Lora Oliver said...

Too bad us aller-jerks won't be able to see it's beauty until July when the heat will finally kill all the pollen. J/K! I can't wait to see your new projects.