Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Summer is Almost Over

And I just can't believe it. Every year I start the Summer saying we're going to do this, we're going to go there and somehow it never pans out. Of course, the kids were totally content playing on the Slip n' Slide and in the pool but I really wanted to take them places this Summer. BUT I do have plans over the next few months. This weekend is Muir Heritage weekend so we are taking the kids to the John Muir House in Martinez. And if all goes well Jim and Vinnie will be going to Six Flags this weekend. No roller coasters for me so I'll stay home with the kiddies and do fun stuff in the backyard. Also planning an outing to the zoo sometime in September. The kids haven't been in a couple of years but now with them being older I think they'll appreciate it more. So we have a few things lined up. I think I'm more bugged about not doing much than the kids are. That's those old insecurities about being a good mom creeping up on me. But look at those faces up there. Aren't they the sweetest? And do you think they care that we didn't go to the zoo? They are honestly the best kids. I know, I'm prejudiced but they are so patient when I walk out that door every Saturday night to go crop. And they try so hard to sit still while mom takes the 1,089,492 picture of them.
ANYWAY, enough about my kids!! I actually did a really cool project this week. I made a planner for my sister and it came out great.

I'll be shipping it to her this week. I hope she likes it. Pregnancy is progressing pretty well. No morning sickness so far! We go for the sonogram next week to see if it's twins. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is but as long as they're healthy that'll be a blessing.
OK Kids have registration for school today. Can I just say how convenient it is that they scheduled Vinnie and Jamie's at the SAME freakin' time?? So I have to go to Vinnie's school, get him set up and then fly to Jamie's school to get him set up before they close. Oh joy! But thankfully their school schedules worked out perfect so it won't be too crazy. I can't believe Vinnie is going to be in 8th grade already. Next year, high school! Where does the time go??

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