Sunday, September 03, 2006


For those of you who know the horror story with my HP digital camera, you know that I am none to pleased with their company. However, I did have a few remaining HP products including my lovely printer. So today when I finally go to start my circle journal, I go to print what I need and get this stupid error message. I go to the HP website, do everything it tells me to do and still get the message. So I break down and get a tech online and after doing the same thing the troubleshooting guide tells me to do, the tech tells me, well your printer is past warranty but we can offer you an upgrade at a discount. Yeah HP, you can bite my discount. I'm switching to Epson. So now I'm shopping for another stinkin' printer. Oh the joys of computers.
Had a wonderful weekend. It all started on Friday when we finally got the confirmation that it's twins! We are all thrilled and things have been good so far. Hopefully the entire pregnancy will go smoothly and I'll give birth to 2 healthy babies. And they are so lucky because their daddies are such awesome guys. It has been truly a joy getting to know them and see how excited they are about becoming parents.
Saturday I had a pretty easy shoot in Campbell. Then came home and spent some time with the family, ran some errands. And then the guys came by last night to meet the kids. They were typical boys, wrestling, showing off and basically being goofy.
Today we just relaxed and had a nice family day, hanging out and just being lazy. Tomorrow we might take a drive out to Donner Lake just to get away for the day. It's been a couple of years since we drove out there and the kids will love it.
Well, my Little House on the Prairie marathon is on so I'm going to kick back a little longer and enjoy that. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. And if you get a chance, say a quick prayer for all of our brave men and women serving around the world. Let them all be safe and come home soon.

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