Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Jamie & Gavin!!

I can't believe another year has gone by. Jamie turned 7 & Gavin turned 3 on Friday & they are the sweetest kids. Completely different personalities. Jamie is sweet, loving & cautious while Gavin is sweet, loving & absolutely fearless. That kid isn't afraid of anything. Which, in turn, terrifies me & his father. He is still going through his 'don't take pictures of me' phase which frustrates me to no end. Jamie on the other hand, loves to have his picture taken. Just look at that sweet smile. So another year down & here's hoping that they, like a fine wine, grow more mellow with time. But I ain't counting on it.

All 3 of the little ones got bikes. We didn't want Kieran to feel left out with Jamie & Gavin learning to ride so they all started to learn to ride yesterday. And they had so much fun. Of course, Kieran the daredevil wanted nothing to do with the helmet until we told him no helmet, no bike. But they had a blast riding in the driveway for now. Maybe I'll be bold & venture beyond next weekend but at least if I have the cars blocking the end of the driveway they're safe. For now.

I did manage to go crop last weekend with Corinne. I am so rusty that I have resorted to scraplifting which is pathetic but at least I'm getting some ideas & layouts are being done. I know once I get back into a regular schedule I'll be more creative. I have been so busy since leaving the hospital that I feel like I've barely caught my breath. I know once school lets out things will get easier. The drive over the hill to the schools is a pain but I didn't want Vinnie or James to have to leave with the end of the year being so close. Good thing is that the schools out here are awesome & within walking distance. I love it!!!! Our new environment is so nice & peaceful & it makes a world of difference in my attitude. I do feel more relaxed (when I DO get a chance to relax) so that's good.
And who would I be if I didn't mention my wonderful Grey's Anatomy season finale? OK, is Meredith the DUMBEST broad in the world? OMG, I didn't get to see it until last night & I was DYING. We got a new DVR box last weekend & my dumbass didn't set it correctly so it didn't record GA so I had to watch it online while Jim was watching the Sopranos. Another OMG show. So he's watching Sopranos & I'm watching GA on the laptop next to him & we both keep pausing respective shows to see what's going on. Just crazy. Waaaaayyyy to involved in my shows. So I am dying because I won't get to see my beautiful man except for in reruns until what, September?? Thank God for the internet.
OH one last thing. I was looking at Jenni Bowlin's blog ( & she posted a link to this new website & it looks pretty cool. So go check it out & get some inspiration. Have a great week!!!

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