Friday, June 01, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours

Quite an eventful week in the McIntyre house. We will start with this:

Yep, those are stitches on that beautiful little face. Of course, people remind me that since I have boys I should be used to it by now. Maybe I should. After all, they've all had stitches at least once with the exception of Jamie. But nothing is easy about holding your baby (Yes, he's still my baby!) while someone stitches them up. This was no exception. Long story short, we all know my boys are wild. Crazy, rambunctiously WILD. So Kieran & Gavin were fighting over the computer last week when Gavin grabs this big car that Grandpa got him for his birthday. Holding it over his head, ready to launch it at his tormentor, Kieran takes defensive action & throws a plastic wastebasket at him. NOT GOOD. The minute he realizes he not only hurt Gavin but made him bleed, that kid made a beeline for his room & proceeded to wail for the next hour. All while I am trying to stop the bleeding, email Jim so he can meet me at the emergency room, & get them both into the car to go. I was in emergency mode, flying down the street trying the fastest way to get to the freeway. And really, out here, there is no such thing as fast way. A freakin' horse would have probably been faster. So here is the result of yet another McIntyre dispute. It's like the freakin' Hatfield's & McCoy's in this house. Except minus the shotguns. I mean, they are toddlers after all.

Next adventure is Jamie was kind enough to bring the flu home from school. Which is always such a joy. I mean, who doesn't like a good flu? Yeah. So far only Jamie & Gavin have gotten in so I am sending big prayers that no one else gets it. I have had enough blood, barf & (pardon me) diarrhea to last me a lifetime.

On a happy note, Jim went to get his CAT Scan yesterday in preperation for his surgery. We should be hearing from the surgeon sometime next week & scheduling the surgery for this summer. Very exciting though the thought of Jim getting a hole drilled in his head doesn't sound too thrilling to me.

Also, I managed to get 4, yes FOUR layouts done last weekend. Nancie, Corinne & I went to crop at the new & SOOOO not improved Stamper's Warehouse. One word: FREAKVILLE. Oh my, the girl working there was like Lurch from the Munster's (or was it the Adam's Family?). Barely said a word. And the people there were totally stuck up & just plain rude. Which, of course, made me seem even more loud & offensive than usual. Needless to say, we will not be going there again unless it is an extremely desperate situtaion. But I guess the icky environment made me creative so here's some of my stuff:

And I finally took the plunge & signed up for some photography classes at Wolf Camera. Don't know how useful they'll be but what can it hurt? Also, if you haven't heard, Big Picture Scrapbooking is offering their photography class online again. Registration starts on Monday, June 4th & the class is $150. The last one filled up fast so I'm thinking this one will too. If you want to check it out go to

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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