Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back From Fantasyland!

And Tomorrowland, and all the other wondeful places in Disneyland. We had a blast & I can't wait to go back again. However, the next trip may be sans family because OMG these guys were a bunch of poopers! Vinnie complained about walking, Jamie was afraid of the rides that went through tunnels & Jim was just flat out impatient when I wanted to take pics. Don't get me wrong, the entire trip wasn't like that but enough for me to go, yeah, next time I'm coming solo. Kieran & Gavin were fine, adventurous & anxious to ride everything. I swear, if I put Gavin on a rollercoaster that kid would have loved it. Talk about no fear. Kieran had a blast but they were all a bit aprehensive about meeting the characters. Which, of course, left me to have to go up to everyone for autographs. Not that I complained, it gave me an excuse to act like a kid. But at Disneyland, do you really need an excuse to act like a kid? Vinnie is at that age where anything your mom does is embarassing. Which just made me want to embarass him more. I am beginning to hate this age. What happened to the kid who thought I was cool? I mean, I'm still cool, right? RIGHT??

So look at these little beauties. Ain't they somethin'? I was so thrilled to see them & their daddies. Everyone looked wonderful & happy. The twins are absolutely amazing & just so beautiful. Very rewarding to have been blessed to be a part of bringing them into the world.

The kids have been bugging me for like, a year, to take them on a bus. What is with the male fascination & transportation? So we got to kill two birds with one stone. Took a shuttle both days to Disneyland which made it a lot easier. Dropped us off right in front of the park & in front of the hotel so we didn't have to make the long trek back & forth. And when it says on a hotel website, '2 blocks from Disneyland' it isn't like 2 REGULAR blocks. It's like 2 bigass city blocks. The kids would have killed me if I made them walk. Notice Vinnie? Yeah, acting like he doesn't know who this crazy family is with all the boys or the lady with the red hair & the camera growing out of her face. This was the theme of the weekend.

I just love the giant letters between the parks. They make great props for pictures. And see how well I taught Jim? You can actually tell who the people are in the picture. When we first met & I would have him take pics I would look teeny tiny because he would stand a mile away to get the background. I learnt him good huh?? And yes, that is Vinnie on the far left.

This was the best traffic we experinced in LA. Of course, it was like 9pm so everyone was already home. Seriously, how do people live there & travel? OMG It was THE worst traffic I have ever seen. When Frank told me that it was bad after 5pm I thought, I've driven in SF traffic. How much worse could it be? Believe me, MUCH WORSE. Luckily the kids were so excited about going to Disneyland that they didn't complain about the traffic too much.

All in all, it was a great trip. Alas, my 5th trip to Disneyland and I STILL haven't ridden Pirates of the Caribbean. What's up with that? But I did get lucky and saw the one and only hottest man alive.......

He hasn't replaced my Patrick but every once in awhile you need a little dirty in your life.

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Mallory Phillipy said...

TAB! your boys are getting so BIG!

it was great seeing you this weekend, come by again soon!