Monday, June 04, 2007


Hey everyone. Just wanted to ask if you all could say some prayers for our good friend Michael Pugh. He suffered a severe brain anuerism last week & was taken off life support & we don't expect him to make it. He has been Jim's friend for a long time & is just a great guy. Please pray for a peaceful passing for him. Thanks.

On a happier note, we took the kids to the Brentwood Farmer's Market on Saturday & I have to say, it was the smallest farmer's market I've ever been to. I know Brentwood is small but with all the stuff I saw in the newspaper I expected more. Literally it was one block & about 10 booths & not one farmer from our area like I expected. After all, I drive by farms on my way to the boys' school everyday. But all of the booths there were from produce farms in Watsonville which is way the heck out by Santa Cruz. ANYWAY, I've taken to getting us out for a walk at least once a week now that the weather is nice. And walking around the neighborhood definitely gives you some insight into how your neighbors are. I thought this was hilarious:

Now I'm sure it was a joke but in Pittsburg, you would literally have to tell them not to take the tree. Haha! But we are enjoying our new environment a lot & so are the kids. There are so many parks around here but so far we've only been to 2.

Kids are gearing up for the end of the school year & our big trip to Disneyland. They are all so excited as am I. We are just hoping it won't be unbearably hot when we go.

Got to crop with Corinne & Nance on Friday which is always fun. However, we went to a place I prefer not to name specifically (sounds like December Den) & without fail, the freak of the week was there. God love her, but there is this one lady who is there usually on Friday nights & of course, she was there last Friday. She is one of those people who just does not shut up. She has to say every little thing that pops into her head & it goes on ALL FREAKIN' NIGHT. And for our added pleasure, she knows every single stinkin' song that comes on the radio. And has to sing it loudly for everyone. Don't know the words? Hell, she'll make 'em up. The sad thing is everyone feels the same way but doesn't have the heart to tell her to clam up. And she is completely clueless. What to do? With the variety of scrapbook stores dwindling, it's slim pickins when it comes to crop spots. Thank God I had Corinne & Nance there to ease the pain.

We let the boys ride their bikes in the driveway yesterday. We're both paranoid about taking them out for an actual ride until they're a little better at it so the driveway is it for now. Gavin loves putting all of his gear but will only sit on his bike but not ride. For a fearless kid he is awful cautious about riding his bike.

I just adore that little face. And that cut is fading fast thank God. Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tab,

Sorry to hear about your friend, I will keep all of you in my prayers.

Funny sign and I completely get the Pittsburg reference, too funny!