Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm on Fire

Not literally, but creatively. It's been months since I actually didn't have to scraplift something but I am finally being more creative on my own. WHEW! Like writer's block, scrapper's block can be a scary thing. You have hundreds of dollars worth of scrapbook stuff sitting there looking at you yelling, USE ME!!! And you're looking back going, HUH? So I finally decided I have sucked long enough (Get your mind out of the gutter), put the pen (or in this case, rub-on, sticker, ink) to paper.

And since I was feeling creative, why not make the kids create too? We put up the table & they painted some little wooden trays & had a lot of fun choosing which paints to use. Jamie opted to ride his bike in the driveway. So proud of him & how well he's doing.

So 1 more day until school & now Kieran is pulling the 'I'm not going to school' bit. I am so not looking forward to Tuesday. I can see it now: me being the awful mother dragging my kicking & screaming son to kindergarten. I'm sure the teacher is going to LOVE that. Hey, in the next few years, Gavin will have a reputation to uphold. He will be one of those 'wild McIntyre boys'. Which explains this picture:

This kid turns everything into a gun. His Mickey Mouse Lightsaber, a toilet paper roll, anything. Then the other day he points to the Army sticker on our refrigerator & says, 'What's that say Mom?' and I say, 'It says Army'. And he says, 'Oh. I wanna be in the Army like Uncle Beto.' So maybe we'll have another military man in the family. Or a police officer. As long as he's not out whacking people for the Sopranos I'll be happy. But the more I watch him, the more convinced I am that he'll be a performer. Tonight while Jim & I were watching a movie he kept trying to get Jim's attention by dancing in front of him & Jim wasn't paying attention. So he climbs onto the table next to the TV & really starts dancing. We were cracking up.
So that's about it. Life's about the same, crazy, busy, hot. And anxious about the new school year ahead of us. How did I end up with a teenager in high school so quick? That's just not right. And guess what? 40 is right around the corner. What a year I'm having! Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Cute Tab, I love the colors! We have a few weeks here until school starts but this summer has flown by! Talk to you soon, ~Corinne