Monday, March 24, 2008

Lazy Blogger

I am awful. I admit it. I'd say I have a good excuse like I've been vacationing in Fiji or touring Europe but alas, I have been simply vegetating in lovely, serene Brentwood. Not exactly the height of excitement but I have been getting out with the camera. And loving this beautiful weather. Apparently it has revitalized the kids also because they are actually allowing me to catch them. So here we go:

Jamie is the helper in the family. You need to clean,vacuum, wash dishes, cook, he's your man. So I had to buy this when I saw it. So stinkin' cute.

My brother finally made it home at the end of January. We were all very happy and excited to have him back. Praying that he doesn't get sent back to Iraq. Vinnie was in Heaven for 3 weeks with his idol and I even managed to get him in front of the camera for pics with his Uncle and grandfather.

Gavin finally let us cut his hair. And it only cost me $40. $15 for the haircut and $25 for the toy I had to bribe him with. His hair was seriously getting bushy and then he wouldn't let me comb it and of course, Jim who is almost bald is complaining that he looks like a girl. He didn't

but it was worrying his dad. I loved it but started to worry about the things he could hide in that hair.

So everything is beautiful and green around here and I am so loving it. While I am not thrilled with California being so darn expensive and the school system falling apart, I do love the scenery. Absolutely breathtaking.
Lastly, if anyone is into photography, they are having an exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco of celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz's work. She has done some amazing stuff including a recent photo shoot with Queen Elizabeth. Details are here:
It runs from March 1st thru May 25th.
Get out there and take some pictures in this beautiful weather. Gotta love it!!

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