Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Simply Adorable

This is my friend Corinne's daughter Grace & my sweet Jamie at his 6th birthday party. They've only met each other twice before but as soon as she arrived Jamie was stuck to her like glue. She is just the sweetest thing and has the tiniest little voice. She is 100% girl and I love it.
We had a great time and the best part was that my brother was actually here for a birthday party. Being in the Army and gone a lot he has missed almost every birthday so we were so excited to have him here. Seeing pictures just isn't the same as being here to celebrate. We had planned on going to the local kid's amusement park, Pixieland, for the party but 2 days before the news was saying it was going to rain. A few last minute adjustments and we ended up here at our house and the kids had a blast playing in the backyard. It turned out perfect.
9 days left before school is out and the kids are free for the summer. Jamie has summer school for a month starting the end of June but that's only for a few hours a day. But for the most part, we'll be relaxing and enjoying the sun. Vinnie leaves Saturday morning for Florida with Ben. He hasn't flown since 9/11 and I know he's scared even though he doesn't say so. Hopefully the excitement of spending a week at DisneyWorld will ease his mind. I, on the other had, will be missing him like crazy. It doesn't matter that he's 13 and that his dad and I are getting along great. I'm a mom, I worry. That's my job.
Going to get some cleaning done so my house is in order before I go to baseball tonight. Last game of the season already and Vinnie has the scrapes and bruises to show it. Thankfully there's still the major league season so I won't be totally deprived of baseball. GO YANKS!! Woohoo!

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Corinne Gilmore said...

Hey Tab,

I just checked out your blog and how cute is this picture? Grace had a great time at the party and we must get these kiddies together more often.

Thanks for sharing!