Thursday, June 29, 2006

All Tuckered Out

So my dad bought Jamie these cowboy boots when he was about Gavin's age. Beautiful, shiny black cowboy boots. We had them hidden away and when Gavin found them, they were his. Doesn't matter what he's wearing, he wants those boots on. In his shorts, even in just his underwear, that kid is a true cowboy at heart. And the other thing that goes with this lovely ensemble is his mitten. Only one. Michael Jackson style. Which is frightening but he's too little to know Michael Jackson is scary. I have to literally wait until he's asleep to get this mitten
off of him. And yes we have back-ups. I have to say, boys are the funniest creatures. Sure, I was a tomboy but that's not the same as being an actual boy.
OK so I am fiending a creative night. I have been itching to crop but it's been crazy busy the last couple of weeks so I haven't gotten a darn thing done. So finally I'll get some creative time tomorrow night at Remember When with Corinne. I soooo need this.
On that note, if you haven't done something creative for YOU lately, take some time for yourself, pull out those artsy supplies and whip up something pretty. I don't know about you but that definitely relaxes me and being with my gals makes it even better. Have a great weekend!

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