Monday, July 10, 2006


This boy is five today. I can't believe it. He is an amazing jumble of emotions on a daily basis. Once minute happy, the next minute mad. Funny, crazy, daring. This is my heart attack. The one who climbs to the highest point and then jumps. The daredevil. But oh how I love that face. Wouldn't change that personality for anything in the world. I love that he is so confident and unafraid. So different from me at that age.
Summer is moving along a lot faster than I thought it would. Doesn't it always? Finally got the Slip n' Slide out this weekend and the kids had a blast. Thanks Nancie!!! Of course, they tried to get mom to do it but I wasn't trying to break any bones this weekend. Jim got a hefty dose of my world when we took the kids to the park. I love that he thinks it's so easy amd then I get to show him how it so ISN'T! 3 toddlers at a public park is excercise. It's constant running to make sure they don't fall off anything tall, don't hit or get hit by another kid, no don't put sand in your mouth! And stop taking toys from the other kids. Yeah, fun for them, exhausting for me. But with my trusty back-up, all was well. Kids got to play, Daddy got a reality check. I know Jim appreciates all I do but he really has no idea how MUCH I do on a daily basis. I love being home with the boys but it's a lot of work keeping this house running. And I'd like to end that with 'like the well oiled machine it is' but well oiled it ain't. It's like the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz, just getting that first taste of oil and starting to move around. But I do my best. As long as the kids are happy and provided for, it's all good.

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