Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Slippin' n Slidin'

Whoever created the Slip n' Slide is a freakin' genius. The kids love this thing and spend a couple hours a day running back and forth. This serves 3 purposes: they get some excercise, some sun and mom gets to relax and read. So nice for all of us. I love Summer and while this one has been hotter than most, the Slip n' Slide has made it more bearable. The kids play so well together and it gives me tons of photo ops. And lord knows I don't have enough pictures of these boys right? And check it out, even the big one gets in on the action:

Things are progressing nicely with my little venture. I'm looking forward to my trip to Los Angeles which should be either next Thursday or the week after. Nancie is going with me and we are anxiously anticipating our mini vacation. She gets to meet the guys and it makes such a huge difference having her support through all of this. Of course, having Jim's support means the most but it's not the same as having your best friend holding your hand (literally) through this process. I'm so excited!!
Made a nice little bundle selling my unused scrapbook stuff at the Stamper's flea market last weekend. $169!!! And Nance made $89!! Can you say, S H O P P I N G??? We're cropping there Saturday night and Nancie and I are going to be shopping fools. I can't wait! What more could a gal ask for? A little shoppin', a little croppin' and some time with my gals!
Last but not least, gotta give a big CONGRATS to my oldest pal Lisa. She had a sweet baby boy on July 7th. Blake was born with a full head of dark hair and I can't wait to go take a peek at him.
Hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying their Summer. And if you haven't already, go buy a darn Slip n' Slide! The kids will thank you!!

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