Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sleep...Need sleep

So Gavin has decided he really doesn't need to go to sleep at 8:30 with everyone else. Which is just a joy to me because I love watching him run around like he's had a pot of coffee at 10pm. Here's how it goes: we put the kids to bed and 5 minutes later Mr. Sunshine is up and in the living room. Yes, we've tried putting him back to bed but short of strapping him to the bed, it ain't happenin'. Then at 9:45: It's Showtime at the Apollo. Gavin will stand in front of the television and just dance, sing, make a total fool of himself while Jim & I are at our wits end. Usually he'll do that until he collapses on the couch, exhausted with lots of dollar bills in his waistband. Now Jamie is the complete opposite. We're lucky if that kid stays up past 7pm. Then wakes up at 6am. And last night I had a shoot so Jim was watching the kids. Disaster. Jamie fell asleep at 6 and do you think he woke him up?? Heck no. He was thinking, one less kid to chase and let him sleep. So guess who woke up at 5 freakin' 30am??? JAMIE. Singing, laughing, basically waking the whole house up. Never mind that it's still dark. This kid walks in my room and says, mom, mom. It's time to get up.' And I'm like, 'It's still DARK! Go back to sleep!' Too late. He's up and ready to go. Needless to say, by 1pm I'll be passed out on the couch. Ahhh the joys of parenthood.
And then there are the true joys of parenthood. Like this:

And even though Vinnie is too big to go trick or treating, he managed to put a mask on for our amusement:

Took the kids to SunValley for trick or treating and then went to Haagen Das for ice cream. YUM! Gavin stole my Bailey's shake and gave me his mini cup of chocolate ice cream. Isn't that sweet? All in all we had fun and the kids got some candy. And now we're gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If all goes well, my brother will be home in less than 2 weeks. We can't wait and pray all goes well and he gets the leave still.

The twins are doing great and moving more every day. I finally got a little pooch and if you look closely you can see the first signs of babies. Other than the kids keeping me up, this is the smoothest pregnancy I've had (knock on wood) and I am feeling great. We're doing the big ultrasound on the 16th and hopefully we'll find out what they are. Looking forward to seeing the guys again and very excited about the ultrasound.

Last but not least, did a shoot in Brentwood last night for a basketball league. And can I just say I rock? Yes, I am normally modest but I shot over 200 kids in less than 3 hours. And we are supposed to shoot each team in 10 minutes and I was timed at 8 minutes per team. I was very proud of myself and finally feeling very comfortable doing this. I am also learning a lot on the big fancy digital we use and it's not so intimidating anymore. When I first started using the digital at work I was petrified to touch any of the buttons fearing I would screw something up.

Alrighty, that's it for now. Hope everyone is staying warm & dry. Drive safely out there! It's wet!!

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