Sunday, September 18, 2011

End of Summer

Yep, it's the end of Summer.  No more swimming, no more bbq's and time to pull out our warmer clothes.  I am so glad it was a mild Summer.  The kids had a blast with our new pool.  I had fun just watching them and taking pictures.  Summer came with lots of changes.  The 3 youngest gained a year.  Jamie turned 11, Kieran turned 10 and Gavin turned 7.  Vincent graduated high school and started college.  Still can't believe I have a college student!!!  But it has been a fabulous Summer.  Spent lots of time creating with Vanessa and Mary, lots of time with my lobster, Jim.  And worked a cool new job at a local wedding location, Brownstone Gardens.  Fun stuff.

So with that being said, what's in store for Fall?  Working on my photography, sewing more, cooking and baking more.  Summer,  I just wanna laze around and enjoy the weather, not having to take kids to school everyday. Oh, and surfing on Pinterest.  Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet?  OMG..... It is like HEAVEN.  Go check it out.  Now.  Pinterest.Com.  I'll wait...........  SEE?  Isn't it amazing???  Now don't blame me if you spend hours on end looking through pictures.  That's my late night guilty pleasure.  A little glass of moscato, a little Pinterest and mama is a happy girl.  So many fabulous ideas.

Things I've learned the last few months: Just because people have money doesn't mean they have class.  Lord, that was the big one.  Oh, and there really ARE bridezillas.  That shit ain't fake.  On a happy note, there are some truly in love couples out there.

Sewing a quilt isn't as hard as I thought and soooo much fun and rewarding.

Getting sunburned still sucks.  But it helps having a really cool husband who will put aloe on you every few hours so you don't tweek from the itching/burning combo going on.

I can bake the hell out of a cupcake.  And cookies.  Next feat: PIES!!!

I really REALLY missed having a truck and am so glad to have one again.

Getting up at 5:30am to take Vincent to BART is actually nice and relaxing.  I get some Vin time and some me time.

Spending days on end with my husband was really nice and we grew so much closer.  He is really an amazing guy and I am sooooo blessed to have him.

Having a nice big German sherpard rocks.  Sam is the best dog EVER.

Last thing: I need entirely too much sleep.  I mean, is 12 hours too much?  How can I sleep that much and STILL be tired????

So there you have it.  My Summer in a nutshell.  Now aren't you glad you stopped by??

Oh and by the way, that crap music over there>>>>>>>that isn't my playlist.  What the hell happened to my good music?????  UGH!  Technology!!!!!!!

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