Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Saw Jesus at BART Today

No really, I did.  I don't mean like, he descended from the clouds and appeared to me.  I mean he came walking out of the train station and waited for his ride to pick him up.  Guess Jesus doesn't have his own car.  Someone picked him up in an Explorer.  I guess I kind of expected him to be more of a Hybrid car type of guy but go figure.

Anyway, I'm 44.  Turned 44 about 3 weeks ago.  A long time ago I decided I would pick an age and just stick to that.  I don't feel 44.  I feel about 25 maybe 30.  But then I started thinking this year.  This 44 year old body has held up pretty well.  I mean, I'm not as pretty and skinny as I was when I was 25 but dammit, a lot has happened.  I've had several children, 3 husbands (that's another story), many jobs, 2 bouts with pneumonia in the last 4 years.  Other than that, no major illnesses, no surgeries.  I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good.  Knock on wood.  So yay 44!!!  We'll see how I feel when I turn 50.  I have a few years to adjust.

So we are gearing up for Halloween on Monday.  I think I will dress up for the first time in a few years.  Going to be a witch (what else?).  Figure I have the name, got a pretty cool broom, why not use it?  Kids are super excited as usual.

Been venturing out with the camera more and more.  Got some fantastic photo ops while working at Brownstone Gardens in Oakley this season.  Who knew weddings could be so crazy?  The amount of money people shell out for these events is outrageous.  I mean, I appreciate it's your special day and all but $8000 on flowers?  FLOWERS?  Really?  Good lord.  Who says we're in a recession?  But a lot of the weddings were just beautiful.  Even got to photograph their bridal faire which was really cool.

My friend Mary and I also did a craft faire at a local church.  We didn't make squat but it was so much fun creating everything.  I have been sewing like crazy and  finished my third quilt and just started my fourth.  The kids love them and I am happy giving them something that I hope will last them for many years to come.
This is one of my little tiered cake pincushions with a stamped cutout of the Farm Girl's series.  So flippin' cute!!!!  I made about a dozen different ones.  Love it!  I am a pincushion freak!!!!!

So enjoy the last days of somewhat warmth we have because I have a feeling it's gonna be a cold Winter.  Thank God for all these quilts to keep us warm!!!!  Have a wonderful Halloween and hope you get more treats than tricks!!!


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