Friday, March 10, 2006


OK I admit it, I am a total blog freak. I check everyone's blogs everyday to see what awesome creative people are out there. And there are lots! So I was looking at a blog & found a link to ANOTHER blog where I saw this absolutely beautiful paper and the link, Absolutely amazing stuff and perfect for those summertime layouts. YUMMY!!
I am obsessed! I love checking the blogs everyday to see who has what up & I never cease to be amazed by other's creativity. My links are on the right if you want to check them out. But be warned: I started with only a couple of blogs in my favorites & now have over a dozen.
On the home front, life is moving right along. Vinnie is enjoying baseball after a 2 year break & I am getting used to practices several times a week. Jamie is doing fantastic at school & I am amazed everyday at his improvement. I love when I praise him & he always says, "I'm getting big huh Mom?" So freakin' cute. Kieran is turning into quite the little helper at home. He is always wanting to help in the kitchen when I'm cooking or baking. Future Emeril? One could only hope. And Gavin is turning into such a little performer. Jim & I have had the joy of getting our late night performance at about 9:30 every night. This kid is a live wire. Everyone is asleep but him & he comes bounding out of his room, dances in front of the television for about 10 mintues & then crashes. It's hilarious. Yes, I need to videotape this.
And the most exciting news of all: the anticipation of S N O W! We hope, we hope! Lord knows it's cold enough & the kids keep looking out the window anxiously waiting for that first flake to fall. Keep your fingers crossed!
Hope everyone is doing great. Snuggle up & stay warm!

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