Monday, March 27, 2006

Play ball!

Well baseball season is finally about to start & I can't wait. The smell of fresh cut grass, the crack of the bat hitting the ball. Getting up at the crack of dawn on a cold rainy day & dragging my butt out to the baseball fields. Oh joy of joys! But seriously, I do love baseball season & I lucked out this year. All of Vinnie's baseball games are in the afternoon so no freezing my butt off in the morning. And since he's playing for a different & better league, no muddy parking lots to trudge through! What more could a mom ask for?
I am totally in Spring cleaning mode. Tearing through the house & purging out all the junk we don't use or need. I can't wait for the rain to stop so I can hit that backyard & start getting it ready for bbq'ing! Woohoo!
On the home front, my brother is coming home at the end of April & we can't wait. Only for 9 days but we'll just be happy to have him back where he belongs even if it isn't for long. Gavin is starting to talk more & more. Mocking people mostly but it is so cute to hear him trying to speak. Of course, he's nailed down the essentials to being a McIntyre boy: he says 'Don't' and 'Stop' quite clearly. Kieran is showing a lot of interest in cooking now. He loves helping me make breakfast everyday & help me with the baking that I've taken to doing a couple of times of week. Maybe I have a future chef on my hands! Jamie is doing awesome in school & I still can't believe how different he looks with his glasses. He looks so much older! And Vinnie is gearing up to start his season this weekend. I am so glad he is enthusiastic about baseball this year. I think starting with this new league has made a huge difference. It is amazing what a difference it makes when people are organized & really care about the kids having fun & not whether they win or not.
It's been a few weeks since I've scrapbooked & I am so happy to say I will finally go crop with the gals this weekend. It's been too long & I have so much to do. I should be doing my first party within the next month & I am anxious & excited. Cross your fingers it goes well & I impress everyone!!! Have a great week!

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