Saturday, April 01, 2006

Crop Night-FINALLY!

It's been weeks since I've cropped but finally the gals & I are getting together tonight at Stamper's Warehouse. It's been too damn long & I am feeling so uncreative. But I am packing my bags & by God I will accomplish something tonight!! I am so looking forward to it.
And can this rain PLEASE STOP?? Both of my shoots got rained out this weekend so here I sit in limbo. Even though the rain isn't here today it did it's damage yesterday so it's like swampville everywhere. Hopefully next weekend will be better.
On a happy note, this means I get to attend Vinnie's opening day game. Yay! At least one field didn't get flooded so we are off to see his game this afternoon. The kids are really excited because they can't remember going to Vinnie's games when they were little. Now they will get to see big brother in action. And I can get some pics of my now teenage son making his way (I HOPE) to the major leagues. Hey, a mother can dream can't she??
All in all it should be a good weekend. We're all off for the weekend, we get to catch a baseball game & my lovely Grey's Anatomy will be on tomorrow night. What more could a girl ask for?
I've been watching that new show 'Big Love' on HBO about the mormon guy who has 3 wives. OMG what the hell? Can I just say, this show is giving me nightmares! It's not scary but (no offense to the mormons who live this kind of life) it is disturbing to say the least. When I dream about shows I realize I just watch way too much damn TV & I need to get out more. Except for Sunday nights. I HAVE to watch Patrick Dempsey or my week just sucks.
So I'm off to pack my scrapbook goodies, get the kids bundled up & then we're off to the game. Wish us luck! Go Vinnie!

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