Thursday, April 27, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Everday life forces us to make multiple decisions, some big, most little. Should I let the kids eat popsicles in the living room while they watch cartoons? Can I not get up now & sleep in an extra 15 minutes or will I regret it? Some only take you a second to decide while others you have to mull over for days, even weeks. Jim & I have been going through this the last couple of weeks & trying to figure out how this decision will impact the rest of our life, our family & our marriage. No, we're not getting divorced. Bet you thought we were huh? Nope, we're stuck together. And that's just fine with us. I'll fill you in when the decision is made but it's a big one & I hope the people I care about are supportive enough to understand.
Now on a happy note, kids are wonderful. Jamie is doing great in school & improving leaps & bounds. Kieran seems to be more receptive to the idea of starting school especially when he found out he gets to play on the same playground Jamie does. Remember when all that mattered was that at some point during the day you got to go outside & play? We should be more like that. Forget about going to work, cooking, cleaning & all the other yucky stuff we have to do as adults. We should set aside some time during the day to just P L A Y. Whether it be relaxing with a good book or sitting outside & enjoying this (FINALLY) beautiful weather. My play today is going to be hitting my garage & getting ready for the sale this weekend. Lord knows we have a ton of stuff to get rid of. And at the end of my ever so long day hopefully I will be able to sleep as well as Gavin does.

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