Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chicken Pox!

So on Wednesday night Gavin was running a fever & we chalked it up to teething. Then on Thursday Kieran was running a fever. Maybe flu? Last night, there's a rash on Kieran's hands & still my dumbass doesn't think anything of it. He's a boy afterall & lord knows where his hands have been. Today he was outside with my mom & Pete pulling weeds (honest, it's not slave labor. He likes doing it. Weird kid.) and comes in & says, 'Look at my hands.' Well now the rash is really red & I notice it going up his arms now. Pull up his shirt, small spots on his chest. His feet all red & rashy. Now I know what you're going to say: Idiot, you have 5 kids. Don't you know what chicken pox looks like?' Well I'm assuming if you give my kids a freakin chicken pox VACCINE that they won't get it. WRONG! Apparently 2 out of 10 kids still get it. Ain't that great? Luckily the advice nurse said because he had the vaccine it will probably be a mild case and so far he isn't itchy. He is just having trouble sleeping & not real hungry but other than that, he's still Kieran. Oh, and here's what he tells me when he shows me the rash: I think it was because I pulled that penny out of the toilet yesterday.' EW!! Like I said, he's a boy.
On a happy note, joy of joys, I have a shoot tomorrow & it's indoors! Yay! No chance of this sucker getting cancelled unless the damn place burns down. I can't wait. Finally a job pushing me towards my goal of becoming a real photographer.
I am also doing my Spring cleaning & purging all the stuff I don't use. If all goes well my mom & I are going to have a garage sale in a couple of weeks to maybe make some dough off of our junk. Now I won't be like Mr. Crab & try to sell my used plunger. I actually have some decent stuff that has just been sitting around here wasting away & gathering dust. Like they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure.
Happy to report my Yankee's put the spank on the A's this week 15-2. But alas, they lost the other 2 games. Can't win 'em all & the season is still young.
If you haven't checked this link yet (or recently) head on over there. Her name is Keisha & her stuff is absolutely freakin' amazing. I cannot say enough about how incredibly talented she is. I wish I could scrap like her!! Good stuff to get those creative juices flowing. I am off to scrap now. Have a great weekend!!

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Keisha said...

Awe, poor guy...hope it passes fast!!! Good luck with your shoot!! Thanks for the sweet compliments too!!