Friday, April 21, 2006

Finally some pictures!

Boy Shoes

I love me some boy shoes. Comfy, well worn & who cares if they get dirty? Just throw those suckers in the wash & they're good as new!

I finally got some current prints of my brood & was able to download them from disc. Now maybe my blog won't look so BLAH!

Easter vacation & we are loving it. The weather has been beautiful so the guys cleaned up the backyard last weekend & the kids have been outside everyday. I love it & so do they. Baseball is finally back on track & we got a couple of practices in & games this Saturday. And I finally have a shoot that won't be cancelled! Woohoo! Getting the swing of things though I really need to learn more about spot meters, F-Stops (what the hell are those?), etc. Never realized how much I didn't know about photography. But this job is really getting me going & it sounds like we'll be doing some fun stuff in a couple of months. Greg says we'll be doing some action stuff soon & I can't wait to dig right in. FUN!

Here's the first picture of brotherly love. Jamie had Kie in a chokehold. Nice.

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Corinne Gilmore said...

Cute pictures Tab! That Reeds Camera store has a few classes that go over all the f-stop stuff. I wouldn't mind re-taking them if you wanna...