Sunday, April 23, 2006


Ever see something that just gets you going? I was doing my usual lurking in various blogs (I know, I have to stop) and found this link to an amazing photographer in Houston. Seriously made me want to grab my camera & start shooting all day. Absolutely amazing stuff. I really need to take more pictures.

Had a wonderful somewhat creative evening with the gals last night. Even Miss Nancie Fancy Pants made it! Stamper's is always fun and has so much stuff it's hard not to blow all your cash there. But I was good! I did buy a ScrapTrends Magazine & it was a little pricey ($5.95) but worth every penny for the fabulous layouts & ideas inside. Also had a great dinner at El Balazo, yummy nachos. All a gal could want on a Saturday night: good food, good fun & good friends.

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