Saturday, February 11, 2006

I was inspired!

After looking at all of those wonderful wall quotes at WonderfulGraffit.COM, I was inspired to finally finish the boys' room. We painted their room at the end of last summer in beautiful vintage Disney colors (thank you Home Depot!) and I had been trying to find something to add to liven it up. And here's the end result. The boys have been on a Disney kick for a few weeks, watching every Disney movie they have & of course, Jiminy Cricket got me going. I have always loved this song & I hope the lyrics inspire my boys to always go after their dreams.

And how about this wonderful weather we're having? I love it! Spring is here & my daffodils are in bloom again. I don't know I've managed to keep these beautiful flowers coming back because I have killed every plant I've ever grown (including a cactus!!) and yet every spring those daffodils come right back up. Maybe it's because they're my favorite flower but nonetheless, it perks me up to see their yellow cups poking out of the planter in front of my house. So my advice for the day: go out & enjoy this weather! Take a walk, go for a ride or just sit outside for a bit & breathe in that fresh California air. And enjoy yourself!!

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