Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This is the best

These are the moments I live for. When the kids are being absolutely adorable & such little characters. Gavin is such a happy & charismatic boy. He is showing his goofy side & I love it. He is definitely mine. Always out to get the laugh or make someone smile. It's the times like this when I am just so grateful that I have them. Grateful that everyday I get to wake up & see these little faces that we made, smiling up at me, hugging me or just content to rest their head on my shoulder (as Jamie is now while I type). It's when I see my 13 year old going to his first Valentine's Day dance that I realize how quickly the time passes & that makes me cherish every moment that much more.
I have worked out everyday this week & it is getting easier. I met a couple of people there who push me to keep going & even talked me into doing ab, arm & leg excercises. You know, those muscles you use everyday but they still manage to sag. What's up with that? All I gotta say is, I am soooo looking forward to pulling out that box of summer clothes!!
So my tidbit for the day: go hug your kids, snap a quick picture of them doing something cute or even just sitting there being quiet. And don't waste a moment because it's gonna fly by. Have a good one!

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