Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My newest creation

I have been feeling so uncreative lately. So I was very satisfied with myself when I got this done in just a couple of hours. I had planned to hang it in our 'hall of fame' but I placed it on top of our fireplace because I just couldn't stop looking at it. It's an adorable picture I took of Jamie & Kieran for Christmas this last year & they look so sweet. And look Ma, no bruises!! For those of you who know me, my boys are a bunch of little rough necks. It is a rare day when they are not looking battered & bruised from playing or, God forbid, fighting. But they are my pride & joy & I just love looking at their happy little faces.


Corinne Gilmore said...

Too cute Tab, I love it!!! I am close to the blog thing but not quite ready to commit. Keep it up, this is great!

nancie said...

Too Cute Tab!! I don't think I am blog worthy. No one wants to here my blah, blah, blah. But I definitely enjoy yours and Wendy's blog too.
Keep it up.
xo, nanc